What Kind of Friend Are you?

2 Apr

I believe that everyone should have a Listener in their life.

Someone who can concentrate and listen to their story.

No matter what kind of story it is.

Whether it may be a story about what they had last night, what they got during their shopping spree or whether how embarrassing the story is.

With no judgement reserved , a Listner will listen intently and even feel the same joy, pain, anger as you.

I’m sure everyone has a Listner in their life.

Someone who they can run to and explode.


I consider myself as a Listner.

When my friend tells me of what she got during her shopping spree, I’m just as excited she is.

When my friend tells me how annoyed and mad she is, I get angrier than her.

When my friend tells me how hurt she is, I’m just as upset as she is and my heart reaches out to her.

That’s what true friends do.

That’s what sincerity is.


I’m always eager to lend my ear.

Because it shows my friends how much I care.

That’s my way of displaying friendship.


But, what about the Listner?

Who listens to the Listner?

Who’s there to be happy, sad, or angry just like the Listner?

That’s what I realized during the last few months.

Th Listner may listen to others, but there’s no one to listen to the Listner.

Listners have a mouth too.

Don’t get me wrong. There are few friends I rant to, but there’s some things that I can’t share with everyone.

So…. the moral of this blog is….







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