1 Apr

I feel like the society that I’m trapped in is so disgusting.

Society already tells young men that they run the fucking universe.

So ladies, if they don’t give you the care, respect or love that you deserve, for god’s sake, let them know how shitty they are and ditch their sorry asses.

It’s quite shocking how from the females I’ve met, 89% of them are so hung on their male partners.

So dependent on them that they are willing to sacrifice everything for them.

It’s already bad enough that most women give everything to their partner, including their dignity.

But to go far as sacrifice the important things in their lives just for the male partners….


I thought that in this generation it was all about independence from men.

Has the female population fallen that deeply to not be able to survive for few months or even years without men?

Honestly, it’s quite embarrassing.


At the same time, seeing the insides of relationships, it is clear that is always the female who ends up broken and lost.

For females, they’ll just end up feeling hollow, depressed and cheated.

For males, just a moment of loneliness and they’re back in the game.

In most cases, females naively believe they’re going to be together forever and lose their virginity.

This is just my opinion, but I think losing one’s Vcard is a huge deal.

Firsts are always important.

First kiss, First date, First concert, etc….

First always marks how your future is going to turn out.

What I don’t understand is how some girls can loosely give it up in relationships.

Do they not keep in mind that nothing lasts forever, especially relationships.

This may be pessimistic of me but I believe it’s also realistic.

Girls not only lose their Vcard but they also loose their dignity.

For boys they gain pleasure and lose nothing.

This is the image that our society portrays.

It is natural for guys to sleep around but for girls to sleep around is disgraceful.

Society portrays males as never being at fault while females are scrutinized for every action, which makes them more vulnerable.

Such societal pressure won’t be gone unless women take more dignity in their actions and not be so dependent on men.

But I’m living in a society where numerous women are naively dependent on men, believing in “forever”.

Honestly,  they’re embarrassing.


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