One Word.

5 Feb

I’ve experienced solitude.

I’ve experienced vain.

I’ve experienced excruciating pain.

I’ve experienced self-consciousess way too much.

I’ve experienced jealousy.

I’ve experienced greediness.

I’ve experienced shame.

I’ve experienced major regrets.

I’ve experienced tormenting thoughts and dreams.

I’ve agonized over the loss of a special person and afraid of losing another.

I have beaten odds to get where I am today.

Each step I take, I am aware of the pain and consequences of the step.

Yet, there’s no turning back.

Throughout my 16 years, I have learned the arts of persistence, tenacity and dedication.

It’s time to put them to use . (:

I now have the ability to stare into the eyes of fear

and come out victorious and stronger .

I now have the ability to walk into a room of strangers

and come out with a confidant.

I now have the ability to admit

that I am wrong.

I now have the ability to get back up

when I am ruthlessly pushed down.

I now have the ability to believe

even when everything seems hopeless.

This seven-lettered word holds so many strong meanings.

This seven-lettered word is found within everyone you meet on the street.

This seven-lettered word can be boost one’s confidence.

But, don’t leave this element alone for too long.

Cause for some, ability is lost by never trying.

All of you have a special ability.

Let it be your weapon

when overcoming obstacles in the near future.



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