4 Nov


Adults see teenagers as “not mature enough”.

I’m sure they have a good reason for believing that.

But, i wish they would see

just how beautiful and compassionate some of us can be.

Despite our age, we all have a story that can bring tears and laughter.

We change each and every day, wanting to leave childhood, yet desperate to stay.

I wish they could remember how tough our lives can be at the moment.

The promises that are broken,

the violence we witness.

Just because we’re young doesn’t mean we can’t make a difference.

We all strive to make a difference in the world.

You say we’re young and therefore don’t know which path to take?

Despite being unsure of where the road may lead, we still venture onward.

Hoping we will be noticed,

Hoping they’ll take heed,

of the changes we’ve made,

the power we hold,

the wisdom we have hidden,

and the stories we hope to share.

Teenagers have dreams that can one day turn into something powerful and compassionate.

So, please don’t disregard us.


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