What I Wish I’d Known Sooner

11 Sep

– Don’t drink a juice that will stain your white shirt.

– Don’t let your life wait for other people.

– Your mother will know if you pierced your ear or not, no matter how much you try to hide it.

– Long distance relationships never work out.

– If it hurts, don’t do it again!

-Don’t brag about your boyfriend/girlfriend. It is sooooo annoying. Not because I’m jealous but because it shows that your life revolves around your boyfriend, which is very pathetic.

-Judge someone AFTER you actually know them.

-People who make out with their boyfriend/girlfriend in front of you are the most self-centered people in the world.

-Dogs can be quite vicious sometimes.

-If you survived peer pressure, you’re a strong person.

-Don’t paint your nails with permanent sharpie.

– That which does not kill you will ultimately make you stronger.

– Speaking in public will get easier with practice and time

– Ten years from now most of what we freak out about won’t make any difference.

– Just because someone flirts with you incessantly doesn’t necessarily mean he or she likes you.

– If your teacher tells you to quit talking after a test or he’ll give you a zero for your test grade, he means it. Really.

-Being smart doesn’t necessarily mean he or she does smart things.

– Being nice to people will get you far.

-The one person you can truly love is often right in front of you.

-Never, ever, EVER, let a member of the opposite sex make you compromise your standards. NEVER.

– Parents aren’t around forever, and you need to treasure them while they are.

-Never do something if the risk is greater than the reward.

-Think carefully before you act.

-Life moves fast, but not so fast that you can’t slow down to enjoy it.

– Instead of waiting for life to get better, do something about it.

-Procrastination is my enemy.

– Intuition is your best friend. If your intuition tells you to not do something, don’t do it!

-If the guy/girl doesn’t respect you, he/she is not worth your time.

– Never let your friend hold a weapon in their hand. Quite a deadly combo.

-You never know when you’re making memory.

-The heart does heal and you will love like this again- except that when you do, you’ll deny that you ever loved like this before.

– Nothing matters if you don’t have loved ones to share it with. Your siblings are incredibly precious.

-If you can laugh at yourself, you are going to be fine.

-Kissing is the most fun things. Dancing is almost as fun.

– There’s numerous guys out there, don’t waste your time on one.

-Try something new, you never know what will happen.

– If you cheat once, don’t expect your bf/gf to forgive you.

-if you make a stupid mistake, learn from it. Don’t repeat it.

-Treat others the way you want to be treated.

-Starving yourself for a guy is the stupidest thing you can ever do.

-Don’t mess with people’s feelings. It fucking hurts.

-Karma’s a bitch.

-Cockiness is like garlic. No one likes garlic.

-Don’t bake if you can’t. (I’ve failed miserably on that … )

-Always do something for your mom’s birthday. Doesn’t matter if it’s small. Your mom will love the fact that you made an effort.

-Treasure your family. They will be the only people who will love you no matter what.

-NEVER fall for guys who have numerous female friends. Even if they say that they’re just “friends”.

Everyone has a ” What I Wish I’d Known Sooner”. It would be awesome if you could share one of yours to put on this list. 🙂


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