You’re Beautiful

4 Sep

Why are you starving yourself?

Because you feel you’re lacking in appearance?

Because you want to impress a guy with a new appearance?

Because some jerk called you “Fat”?

Because you are a different size than the skinniest girl in the school?

Why are you so insecure about yourself?

Why are you embracing someone else’s beauty, when you should embrace your own beauty?

Why won’t you acknowledge your beauty?

Why are you letting someone’s irrelevant opinion influence your own opinion?

Stop listening to other people’s opinion of the value of your beauty.

What do they know?

If you really want other people to acknowledge your beauty then you need to acknowledge it first.

Go look in the mirror.

Don’t shy away.

Show me your smile.

It only takes two muscles and one brain.

Smiling makes your face radiant.

Wear it everyday.

No one will tell you that you’re ugly.

Not with that smile on.

Being beautiful isn’t about what’s on the outside.

It’s all about what is in side.

( i know that sounds cliche, but it’s true)

I think you’re beautiful.

Learn to love yourself.

You’re a dime among all the pennies.


One Response to “You’re Beautiful”

  1. NoName September 5, 2011 at 1:21 AM #

    So true,,
    I like just the way you are,
    Just the way you were,
    Dont put your self down,
    Cause a guy says your fat or chubby,
    Cause you are Beautiful the way you are,
    Please eat, Health is so much important than how you look,

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