Overcoming Obstacles during my 16 years.

13 Aug

I know how it feels to watch my world and dreams shatter to million pieces at my feet.

I know how it feels to be loved, and I know how it feels when that love grows hard and cold.

I know how to smile and spread joy into the lives of others with that same smile.

I know how to spread joy and how to extract it from even the darkest situations.

I know that by lending a hand, ear, or arm, I can help someone.

I know that all the pain and betrayal has not changed me into a person full of hate, but into a person who is willing to move on.

I know that one conversation can break a fragile mind and heart, so I have learned to choose my words carefully.

I know that my chief competitor is always myself.

I know the feeling of wrath, outage and fury, but have still made it through the storm. I am a survivor.

I know what hope is, and I rely on it as my last refuge.

I know watching someone make a fatal decision, that can change their life. But hoping that they can turn back and make the right decision. But I realized, it is not in my power to change their life around. It is in their power to change their own life around. It is never too late.

I know that success is self-made, and that luck is a relative term

I know that miracles do exist, angels do find us in our hour of need, and there is always something behind me, pushing me forward.

I know that I believe in myself and my own abilities, even when I don’t think I do and even when no one does.

I know how it feels to be lost.

I know how it feels to be the star under the limelight then in one second, you are under the limelight of discerning eyes.

Above all, I know that all this have made me, MYSELF.

I recognize that just by pushing myself out of bed, I am pushing myself in life.

I have beaten odds to get where I am today.

Therefore, I am a winner.

Through this I have entered a race- the race I entered at birth.

This race we call life.

Everyone has learned numerous and different things throughout their life.

Despite everyone’s different ages, everyone will/has learned one lesson in life, including you.

Say this out loud.

I am a Winner.


One Response to “Overcoming Obstacles during my 16 years.”

  1. H.K.Park August 17, 2011 at 9:03 PM #

    You are best and winner!
    I am sure that.
    Park Hae Kook

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