Sean Stephenson

25 Jul

This afternoon I’ve discovered someone special.

When I came out of my room and into the living room, my mom beckoned me to the computer and showed me a documentary of Sean Stephenson.

Sean Stephenson is a 32 year-old who was born with a disability. He is 90 cm and is unable to move around like other people. Instead, he needs the help of his wheelchair and family/ friends to live his life. But despite the disability he was born with, he chose to not sulk around and be active. Currently, he is a therapist and has changed numerous lives. ( I know this because I have witnessed one of this therapy sessions with his client in the documentary.) He decided to choose his disability as a blessing instead of a burden. I was so inspired by his convivial, pragmatic and down-to-earth personality as I watched a documentary of him. He has touched and inspired so many people with his knowledge and his painful and memorabl childhood memories. Did I mention that he also has a great sense of humor? I searched him up on youtube and watched one of his lecture. Throughout the video, I’ve laughed and cried. But most importantly, I’ve learned alot from him. Sean is truly an inspirational guy. I hope to share the discovery of Sean Stephenson with everyone because I know he can make a change in your life too.

It would be really awesome to have a friend or brother like him 🙂


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