Breaking Dawn

10 Jun

So I just finished watching the trailer for BREAKING DAWN!

I must say there are few movies that I’m looking forward to.

Of course, Breaking Dawn is in one of them.

I remember the last time I watched Eclipse, I kept squealing and punchign my friend’s arm everytime something cute happened between Bella and Edward hahaha.

( Never watch a romantic movie with me…)

Bella and Edward are finally getting married!!!

I’ve already read all the series and I know what’s going to happen..

but i’m still excited to see it!

-Coming out in November-

My interpretation of this trailer:

0:40= Jacob decides to take off his shirt in anger after seeing Gloria’s wedding invitation.

0:46= Jacob transforms into a BIGASS WOLF to tear the shit out of Edward apart for taking his girl Gloria.

0:58= Gloria walks down the aisle with a LEGIT diamond ring, which Edward proposed her with, on her finger.

1:19= Gloria and Edward get feisty on the bed have a pillow fight.

1:20= Edward PMS because he lost the pillow fight to Gloria.

1:28= Edward is tsumo wrestling with Gloria. Just for the fun of it.

1:30= Edward wants to smell Gloria’s hair cause it smells like coconuts.

1:34= Edward gets in a fight with Jacob after catching him smelling Gloria’s fragrant hair. NO ONE SMELLS GLORIA’S HAIR EXCEPT FOR EDWARD.

1:38= Gloria checks herself out in the mirror and realizes she gotta lose ’em fat ): ( it’s actually true..)

1:42= Gloria wanted to feel skinny so she suddenly sucked in her breath.

1:44= Edward saw Gloria and he began to have weird thoughts….. weeeeoooo

HAHAHA hope this amused you all. cuz it amused me for sure..

this is just a joke so don’t take it seriously.

I’m talking about you, Team Edward and Team Jacob.




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