Just Sick.

13 May

It has been brouhgt to my attention that the Chinese vendors are stepping over the line this time.

As I was  going throught Internet, I noticed a very depressing and horrible article.

The article was about Chinese vendors selling animal keychains.

Live animals. That’s right.

Customers can have their pick of either Brazil turtle or small Kingfish trapped inside a small plastic bag.

(The small plastic bag doesn’t have holes for the poor animals to breathe through)


The small plastic bag also has colored water, which is supposedly “nutrients” for the animals.

I understand that the Chinese vendors are trying to make a living,since the economy is not doing so well.

But, this really is too much.

Imagine yourself being trapped, suffocating due to the lack ofoxygen and torturing sunlight.

Don’t believe me?

Then check it out for yourself.

 Click Me.




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