12 May

AP exams are finally over!

I should be delighted… weirdly im not.

Instead, I’m depressed.

Due to numerous reasons .

I bombed the AP exams.

The day before the exams, I had a terrible headache that deterred me from studying.

I felt like someone slammed an axe down my head.

Adding on to that, I had a sudden high fever.

Just my luck…

Since, I’ve missed many school days, thanks to AP exams, I need to start catching up.

I have two major tests tmw for Chem 11 and Math 10.

But, I’m really not in the mood for school.

No one’s in the mood for school, so you say.

When I say I am not in the mood for school, I mean that if you put me in a classroom and force me to study, I will literally turn the classroom upside down.

If i put it simply, I’ ve lost the motivation to work.

This might last for just this week, but who knows.

It’s my first time having this lost motivation thingy  for this long.

It’s quite depressing, actually.

I am really lost.

I am really depressed.

I am really frustrated.




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